Friday, November 15, 2013

A foot stool for my little man

Hi!  Today's post has been brought to you courtesy of my little man!  Yesterday morning my children were brushing their teeth and were arguing about who could stand on the stool that allows them to reach the sink.  My cousin gave the stool to me and daughter as a baby shower gift.  It was the best gift because over 5 years later, it is a gift we still use!  She hand-painted it and put my daughter's name on it.  We use it to brush teeth and my babies (they're 5 and 4 and I still call them that. not sure why.) like to use it to help prep and cook in the kitchen and those sneaky stinkers also use it to reach snacks on the high shelves in the pantry!  Now that they are getting bigger they both can't fit on it and it got ugly today.  To fix the problem, I promised my son that after preschool we would buy him one and he would be able to decorate it any way he wanted.  That made him happy.  We went to Michael's (one of my favorite stores in the craft trinity-Michael's, Joann's and the king of all.... Hobby Lobby! the sky opens, a beam of light engulfs it, angels sing and my heart swells and all is right in the craft world. :)  We used the Michael's app to get 40% off, aw yea!

                 Then we brought that bad boy home and got to town. 

You will notice my little guy doesn't have a shirt on.  I asked him to change shirts but he insisted on painting shirtless.  Whatever works!  We just used a handful of the million bottles of acrylic craft paint that I have.  My name is Gina Love.  I'm a craft hoarder.  The first step is admitting you have a problem, am I right??   My children absolutely love it though, because we almost always have whatever we need to craft on any given day!
I only helped a little.  He painted and painted! 

                 As you can see, he was covered in paint.  He was so happy!

I helped guide him a little with his name.  I told him we could use the Cricut and cut letters out of vinyl but this is his stool and he chose paint.  I added a little sealer and it was good to go!

Here is the finished product in use by my handsome model and his beautiful sister!  Could that smile be any bigger?  :0  My child?  Happy.  Mama?  Happy!  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great day!

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