Monday, November 4, 2013

Christmas ornaments

Good afternoon!  I attended a craft fair this weekend.  I sell soap that my dad makes and whatever else I come up with for myself.  This time I brought ornaments and jewelry as well.  The fair was pretty slow and it was disappointing but I did meet some nice people.  That is the best part.  My booth neighbors on the left and I tried to brainstorm ideas for how we could maybe make the next one more successful.  I plan on writing the coordinator and giving her our ideas.  Anyway, I wanted to share

some pictures of what I made.  The first three pictures are those very large ornaments you can purchase at Hobby Lobby.  They have a bunch of foam balls in them.  I almost dumped them out and threw them away when I first purchased them, but then when I figured out what I wanted to do with them I thought they were perfect because they look like snow!  I used my Cricut, permanent vinyl and ribbon to make them.  I used Winter Frolic for the snowman and the hot cocoa ornament.  I used Simply Charmed for the cute pengies!  On the last picture, I used acrylic disks to make the ornaments.  It came to me to use them one night when I couldn't sleep and I was trying to think of how I could use the disks in ready-made gifts to sell.  It is definitely a challenge trying to get the vinyl centered and bubble-free.  Even with finding some great tutorials on Pinterest, I still struggled. 

These are the glass ones I made.  They are pretty small.  I was thinking I could use the deer ones (Cindy Loo cartridge) for baby ornaments and use paint pens to personalize them.  The tree is from Winter Frolic and the cupcake I cannot remember at this time because Cricut has soooo many cupcake cuts to choose from! 

So here they are.  Just some little Christmas tree jewelry for you to hang.  I hope I can sell more at the next fair I attend in two weeks.  I will post the other items I make between now and then.  I'm thinking I might make some pillow envelops for gift cards and things of that sort.  We will see!  Anyway, thanks for looking!  Have a great afternoon!

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