Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy birthday Willow!

happy birthday to my sweet babylove, willow!  i cannot believe she turned four yesterday.  we had her birthday party today with a lot of family and friends.  it was a success!  she played with tons of kids and devoured a lot of cake and opened a bunch of great gifts.  (I can't believe she is still awake after running around for four hours and not having a nap) her little brother, keegan, is already pooped out on the couch along with his daddy.  she and i are sitting at the kitchen table while she rummages through all of her fun gifts and i type. 

sooooo, the party theme? rainbow, of course! probably been hot for quite a while, and maybe i am on the late train but i am ok with that. i think we did a pretty good job at what we accomplished! i didn't do any treat bags or activities. we pretty much do food, gifts, cake around here. i am hoping to include more fun things as she gets older and gets a bigger fan base, lol, aka more friends from school.   i must say that i pinned a bazillion things on Pinterest (omg, i just put my first link on here....giddy!)  :)  i used the idea for the kool-aid cubes with sprite on a bigger scale. 

 my sissy, lisa, so lovingly <3 hung up the crepe paper around our light and shelves in my kitchen.  jason, my husband blew up the balloons. 

 i made the banner with my cricut and some stickers that i had on hand.  necessity is always the mother of invention because i had really run out of time and couldn't cut out letters and these little guys came in so handy! 

 this is the cake table.  i got the cupcake toppers from a free rainbow printable packet from paperglitter and also used the invites as well.  the cupcakes were multicolored (time consuming but pretty!) and white.  i made the subway art with my cricut using various fonts and vinyl.  one of my new loves is vinyl!  there are two glass containers that have jelly beans in them that later held pinwheels made with the cricut as well.

 my beautiful babygirl blowing our her candles....took a few times to blow out 13 candles!
 the rainbow cake....i was hesitant, at first, to use too much food coloring so the red turned out looking more like pink, but the wow factor still was achieved.
                             one more personalized decoration i made. 
close up of the subway art i made for willow sophia
                                           close up of the banner

 one very tired baby love.  i hope she is dreaming about what a great day it was spending time with our very much loved family and friends.
 and my baby boy with his sweet pink cheeks from playing outside on the most perfect day in march to have a birthday party for his big sissy!   i LOVE this man!
 daddy and keegan holding the first present that she got from Grandma, our next door neighbor.  her name is Mary, but her family has always called her Grandma, so we do too!  she is sweet as pie!
tomorrow is big daddy's birthday!  yay!  his birthday will not be near as extravagant.  i am thinking i might look up my pins on the awesome pancakes michelle makes!  i bet he would like breakfast in bed! 
sweet dreams!